Gary Turco is running for State Representative for the 27th District in Newington, Connecticut.
Remember to vote on November 6, 2018. Check your voter registration online.
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A Smarter Investment for Newington's Future

My name is Gary Turco and I am the Democratic Candidate running to be the next State Representative for the 27th District in Newington. We need fresh and innovative leadership at our State Capitol who will make smarter investments for Newington to improve the quality of life for our hard-working middle-class families and seniors.

As a Newington homeowner, current member of the Economic Development Commission, and community advocate, I have had the opportunity to speak with thousands of residents who share my concerns with increases in the cost of living and lack of new economic opportunities for the middle class. Trickle down economic policies have proven to be a consistent failure. The same backward solutions continue to be used to solve our problems. However, we can make smarter investments that will deliver a better and brighter future for all residents.

With experience working for a Connecticut University, as a policy analyst at the State Capitol helping to pass legislation to protect children and families, developing digital technology start-up companies internationally, volunteering as a teacher in Africa, and receiving a master's degree from Central Connecticut State University, I have a set of diverse skills that will help me deliver the fresh and innovative ideas needed.

Our current representation has been ineffective and at times has voted against the interests of Newington's middle class. I will fight to ensure Newington has a better and brighter future. Please join me in making the change we need for that future with you r vote on November 6th.

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Top Priorities as State Representative


Our children deserve first-rate schools, seniors deserve tax relief so they can afford to stay in their homes, and women deserve protection for healthcare services.


We can't cut, borrow or tax our way out of long- term budget problems. Strategic investments in our local businesses and workforce will create sustained growth and jobs.


Ensuring Newington receives its fair share of state funding will reduce property taxes and keep our schools strong.


We must end all discrimination and ensure equal civil rights, liberties, and protections for all people regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, or religion, as well as, protecting women's reproductive rights.

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